Cat Grooming


 Glamour Paws Zen Spa

Treat your kitty to a spa-like experience. Glamour Paws’ professional and experienced groomers approach the grooming of your cat with the utmost respect, love and care. Glamour Paws Zen Spa provides the most upscale and amazing full Grooming services, Pawdicures, Aromatherapy and more. Your cat will enjoy the ultimate in 5-Star luxury throughout their very own special spa day experience!


Signature Spa Services


GROOMINGOur in house stylists specialize in the finest personalized haircuts, styling, blowouts, and coloring in Atlanta!

Grooming includes: bath, brush, haircut, nail trim, gland expression (exterior only), teeth brushing, and ear cleaning.

Your grooming stylist will assist you in choosing the proper treatments for your pets’ coat. 
We use only premium, all-natural products that are healthy for your cat.

“Remember……cats do not groom themselves, they lick themselves. Licking does nothing to remove mats, kill fleas, eliminate dandruff, deodorize, correct bad breath, kill germs, trim sharp nails, or clean up messes. If we licked ourselves all over, we wouldn’t be clean, we’d be covered in saliva!” – National Cat Groomers 

Rates vary depending on breed, size, coat type and condition. Please call for Pricing.

(Consultation recommended for new clients)



Being entrusted with ones pet is something we take very seriously. Each person and each pet is unique and we try our hardest to accommodate the needs and wishes of each client. Below is a list of services for you to choose from and customize your cat’s Spaw day:

Full Groom includes bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and your choice of haircut.

Hair Cuts:

  • Lion Cut
  • Light Trim (includes tummy and sanitary)
  • Tummy Shave
  • Sanitary Trim


Includes bath, brush-out, blow-dry, nail trim, ear cleaning
 and teeth brushing for fresh breath



Sanitary Trim$10
De-Shedding Brush Out$10-$20
Blue Berry Facial$5
Sugar Facial$5
Furminator$10 & up
Paw Cream$3
Flea Treatment$8


Nail Trim (Cut & Dremel)$10
Ear Cleaning & Nail Trimming$15
Sanitary Trim$10
Gland Express (external only)$10
Pads & Feet Trim$8 – 12
Teeth Brushing$7
Soft Claws (Nail Caps)$40

★★★ Ask about our Special Kitty Package ★★★


Kitty Starter Package: Bath, Nail Trim, Clean Paws, & Sanitary Shave.

 Introduce them early to grooming sounds: clipper, table, bathing, brushing, etc.

Please Note: Some pets are more difficult to handle than others. Whether your cat has had a bad experience at another facility, or is just really scared of the grooming process, we do not like to turn difficult pets away. We prefer to work with your pet so they may earn the trust of our grooming stylists and become re-acclimated to the grooming process. We will charge a handling fee if your pet requires a little extra love and attention, which you will be notified before hand.


* Difficult Pet Handling Fee:                         $5 – 20



GLAMOUR PAWS is a FLEA-FREE Zone. Please help us maintain the sparkling clean Spa and be sure your pet is pest free. If fleas are found during the course of our service, we are obligated to perform our natural De-Flea bath treatment or administer Capstar caplet (Capstar is a flea treatment recommended and sold over the counter by veterinarians) at Your Cost.



GLAMOUR PAWS is proud to offer a Frequent Grooming Program:

Bathe or groom your cat(s) 10 times and your 11th bath/full groom is free!

We offer grooming 7 days a week.

  • One on one consultation with your groomer.
  • Our groomers are able to perform all breed cuts.
  • Choose from organic shampoos & conditioners. Hypoallergenic, Oatmeal, Medicated, Flea Shampoos, ReHab Treatments for coat & skin problems & many more!
  • Teeth brushing complimentary with a bath or groom service!

Just so you know:

  • We try very hard to not stress out or rush the animals.  We ask for a 4-hour window (in at 8am out by noon) to get your pet done and back in your arms.  Usually it takes less time, but we ask for your patience with us if we end up a little behind.
  • Saturdays are our busiest day; we have many customers who schedule their Saturdays for an entire year ahead of time so that they won’t loose their appointments.  If you need a certain day, don’t be afraid to book ahead.
  • We lose many appointments to people who don’t call to reschedule “no show” their scheduled time.  No Shows will be noted. After 3 “No Shows” you will be required to pay for your grooming appointment in full prior to your next appointment. If this seems a bit extreme, please understand that we work on an appointment basis. If you miss your appointment, we not only have lost business for the day but also have lost a spot for a customer who could have used it. Can’t make an appointment, just call and let us know ASAP.


Are we booked on the day you need?  Ask to be put on our cancellation list!

Cat Grooming Frequently Asked Questions.